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Cast Iron Garden Bench Seat Chair 1877 Victorian Camel

Cast Iron Garden Bench Seat Chair 1877 Victorian Camel


This is from 1877 as seen on The Victoria Embankment in London, it was designed by an Englishman called George John Vulliamy to complement Cleopatra’s Needle, this is from what I have seen the ONLY one available for sale in the World, it is extremely rare, this bench was recovered from a large Country House in Scotland, it has been Sandblasted and Hand Painted in Matt Black, the Gold Tassle and features have been picked out in keeping with the Original, I have adorned it with Treated Teak Slats, this has not been oiled because the Oil can effect the dynamics of the Natural Oil in the Teak, each slat is 4 feet wide at its maximum, 70mm wide and 22mm thick, on each side, it is very comfortably at least a 4 seater. These have been attached with Black Stainless Steel Carriage bolts. This bench will need building in Situ, each end weighs circa 140kgs, so that total weight is near to 360kgs. I can deliver this and build it on site for you.
Please contact me to arrange this. It needs a forklift truck to lift each end. Own a piece of Historical Magic.

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